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Men’s wear: The Origin and Evolution of Fabrics

18 Aug 2022 0 Comments
mens wear fabric

Menswear is governed by history and tradition, as has been stated time and time again. Every menswear professional (designer, stylist, editor, etc.) has occasionally drawn inspiration from the past. And no time period has been omitted. Shirts can be worn for official, informal, or sometimes. Fabrics provide men with the right choice of fabric that suits their lifestyle. Besides colour and patterns, the fabrics also provide dress shirts with varying textures and give the men, literally, a different feel for each fabric.

Men base their selections on both design and fabric when making purchases. Men can experiment with various dress shirt materials to add variety to their wardrobe; therefore it is crucial for manufacturers, retailers, and customers to be aware of new trends in textiles for men's shirts. These days’ men’s fashion and wardrobe is mostly run by three main fabrics, namely Cotton, Linen and Poplin.

Men’s Wear and Cotton

In terms of men's clothing, cotton reigns supreme. Over 50% of fabrics sold globally, including men's cotton suits, cotton dress shirts, hosiery, and virtually every item of casual clothing for men, such as jeans and sweatshirts, contain the most significant apparel fibre in the world. Cotton is quite popular, and this is no coincidence. Because of its special qualities, cotton fibre has a long history with humans and has persisted due to its suitability for clothing. Cotton fabric has shown itself to be a better material for making men's apparel since it is appealing, strong, comfy, and takes to colours.


Cotton is quite pleasant to wear in hot weather due to its ability to absorb moisture. It draws moisture from your skin and allows it to escape through the cloth, allowing your body to control your body's temperature. This makes the cloth more comfortable than other textiles in hot weather, together with the spun yarns' capacity to retain the garment just off the skin.

mens wear fabric


Cotton is highly strong, especially when compared to other fabrics used to make garments, such wool or mohair. Putting 100% cotton shirts in the washing machine may need a lot of ironing, but you can be sure the fabric will stay intact because it really gains strength while wet by 30%.

Cotton is an excellent material for manufacturing materials for wearing in hot weather since it absorbs moisture well and conducts heat easily. The molecular makeup of cotton is resistant to heat damage. The relevance and economic feasibility of organic cotton have increased, in part because of the green movement. Because organic cotton doesn't utilise artificial fertilisers or pesticides, it has a less environmental impact.

mens wear fabric

Men’s wear and Linen:-

The extensive cultivation of flax plants and the introduction of linen fabric to more and more people in the 16th century finally led to what we have today: a vast array of high-quality linen products, including bedding, bath, kitchen, and table linens, as well as, inevitably, linen clothes. Cotton cannot compare to linen in terms of durability; linen is considered as the world's toughest natural material. The strength of the fibre directly influences the durability of the fabric used to make the garment. A quality synthetic t-shirt will last you a few seasons, while a linen shirt or pair of pants will last far longer. After washing, linen clothing won't lose its form; if anything, they'll get softer and more comfortable against the skin.

mens wear fabric

Allergen free:-

Many people who have allergies and other skin issues have certainly noticed that particular textiles frequently aggravate their symptoms. This is so because a lot of materials enable moisture to accumulate, which creates the ideal environment for bacteria and other organisms to flourish. Contrarily, linen is incredibly breathable, allowing air to circulate freely, and quickly evaporates moisture. That's not to suggest it's anti-allergic; it won't completely get rid of your allergies, but linen clothing are unquestionably a safe option for anyone feeling discomfort of any kind.

Sustainable Choice:-

We expect that demand for apparel that is produced with consideration for the environment and with ethical sourcing will increase in the future. Clothes made of flax, which are significantly more sustainably grown than cotton, naturally fit into this category. The flax plants can survive in a variety of soil conditions and require very little water to flourish. Additionally, every component of the flax plant is utilised to create a variety of goods, including varnishes and linen clothes. In addition to being recyclable and biodegradable, linen fabric ensures that you won't be contributing to the rising global textile waste problem.

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Men’s wear and Poplin:-

Let's be honest. When choosing a shirt, consider the colour, style, and size of the garment. Although the method of shirt weaving probably doesn't interest you all that much, taking the time to understand the poplin weave will be worthwhile.

mens wear fabric

Poplin is a plain weave fabric, meaning it has a straightforward over-under weave pattern. Another name for poplin is "tabinet fabric." The cloth is finely woven and has a recognisable ribbed texture. It is robust since the cloth is significantly stronger. Poplin is more of a weave than a cloth, and that is correct. Poplin has special qualities that make it both cosy and fashionable. Poplin has a silky smooth surface and a delicate shine because to the fabric's stiff structure. It seems elegant in appearance. Poplin feels even and supple next to the skin. It is robust and long-lasting. Poplin is typically thin and is made of cotton or silk. The cloth is really cosy and breathable. Poplin rapidly dries and absorbs moisture. It doesn't hold on to smells. Because it absorbs dyes and prints well, it may be made in a variety of patterns and colours. Poplin resists wrinkles well.

Lightweight and Lustre:-

The fabric is permeable. For this reason, some individuals utilise it to create athletic gear. It may be worn all day for formal or business wear because it is a lightweight, breathable fabric and won't make you feel too overheated. Despite being rather durable, it is one of the softest and most pleasant textiles. While wearing a shirt composed of this material, you may move without restriction. It seems everything but plain because of its beautiful lustre. You may wear it to a formal event because it isn't too sparkly.

Water Resistant and Crease-free:-

Poplin can withstand water as well. This is a great quality since it ensures that you always seem put together, even if you wear it all day. Additionally, it resists stains, so it can withstand those tough coffee spills. This material won't wrinkle. Because of this, it's a great option for pants you can wear all day. When choosing a sewing project for something that they can wear while moving and driving, people almost always select poplin.

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