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Cotton, The White Gold of India

11 Jun 2022 0 Comments
cotton - white gold of india

Cotton!! The word which requires no introduction. We all know about it and it is used by many of us in different forms. Cotton is one of the most important natural fibers & cash crops which is cultivated in India.

Cotton was one of the world’s popular natural fibers. The white cotton fabric is used for thousands of uses. It was referred to as ‘White Gold’ as it was so valuable in the entire world. The cotton industry of India plays a significant role in the industrial & agricultural growth of the Indian Economy and in the textile industry of India. Cotton Production in India provides direct livelihood to around 6 million farmers and employment to around 40-50 million who are involved in white cotton fabric processing and trading.

India is the world's largest white cotton fabric producer, accounting for 25% of global output. It also has the world's largest cotton cultivation area, accounting for approximately 38% of the total land area. White Cotton fabric production in India dates back to 3000BC when it was exported as a bartering tool to Europe and Asia. Little has changed since then, as India continues to export massive amounts of cotton to these continents—the only difference being the method of payment and the expansion of the areas to which it is exported.

Have you ever wondered, why cotton is such a valuable commodity? Cotton textile or cotton is the gold of the textile industry. Cotton, like gold, has the highest value in terms of dependability in its sector. Cotton is used in approximately 75% of the world's apparel items. The textile industry places the most emphasis on the usage of cotton textile, which ranges from pure organic cotton to mixed cotton yarns.

Indian cotton fabric is the most sought-after fiber in the textile business for a variety of reasons, including

Durability - While purchasing a piece of garment, durability is the first thing we look into and we tend to buy more cotton-made garments due to their high tensile strength. Also, it is highly water absorbent and is one of the rare fibers which are 30% stronger when wet.

Bright & Pure - Cotton is also known as white gold because of its brightness and purity. Cotton's whiteness, luster, and brightness, like gold's, retent it's white color and shine. Its purity is highly valued in both newborn apparel and high-end brand wear.

Softness - We all expect the utmost comfort from our clothing. Cotton textiles, unlike other materials, retain their suppleness after washing. This is a highly desirable feature when choosing newborn clothing, adult clothing, and bedsheets. Cotton is an incredibly pleasant fabric due to its strength, comfort, and skin-friendliness. It is also very weather-resistant, meaning it can absorb perspiration in the summer and give insulation in the winter. Cotton fabric is extremely soft and has heat retention properties that make it similar to a blend of silk and wool. Cotton is the most sought-after fiber for garment manufacture due to its unique ability to give comfort regardless of the weather.

Hypoallergenic - Cotton is hypoallergenic since it is a natural fabric. Its gentle texture and easy-to-clean characteristics make it ideal for sensitive skin. It's capacity to eliminate body moisture created by sweat hence keeping the body cool and reducing fungal breeding, assuring a low risk of allergic responses.

Affordable - Cotton is one of the most affordable fibers in textile manufacture due to its low cost of harvesting. Cotton is less costly than synthetic fibers since it is a natural fabric. As a result, it is the most often acquired fiber in the textile business. Cotton's favorable properties have guaranteed that, despite the creation of several synthetic fibers and the discovery of countless natural fibers, it has retained its dominance throughout millennia. Cotton is the most frequently used textile fiber in the world, and producers may spin this fabric into a broad range of diverse items. Like gold in the jewelry business, Cotton reigns dominant in the textile industry.

Have a glance at a few kinds of cotton printed fabrics available on the best fabric online store

  1. Cotton Canvas

cotton canvas

Canvas is a dense and strong woven fabric made from cotton. This fabric is generally used in making utility products like tents. Not only utility products but it has also been expanded to other products such as sneakers, bags, and home decor due to their durable strength.

  1. Cotton Poplin

cotton poplin

Poplin is a cotton fabric with very fine horizontal "ribs" that is a robust, crisp fabric with a smooth, shiny surface. It's typically seen in men's and women's shirts, women's skirts, sportswear, and raincoats. It is 100% Real cotton and it's heavy in weight and quality. It is also used for clothing, quilting, and home decor.

  1. Cotton Satin

cotton satin

Cotton Satin is a smooth, lustrous, and light in weight fabric that gives a glossy & smooth feel. It is generally used to make dresses, skirts, pants, pillow covers, and home decor items.


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