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Different Colours to Adorn Your Wardrobe This Navratri

04 Oct 2022 0 Comments
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In this nation, the Hindu holiday of Navratri is observed twice a year in the months of Chaitra and Sharad. In Hindu mythology, the festival of Navratri is very significant. Everywhere in the nation, the holiday is observed with tremendous fanfare and display. Between September and October, people celebrate Shardiya Navratri. Sanskrit for "nine nights," the festival known as Navratri lasts nine days during both of these months. Nine Navratri colours are chosen, each having a specific meaning for these nine days. The nine-day holiday known as Shardiya Navratri, which honours Maa Durga and her nine forms is here.

Here are the nine Navratri colours that you need to be aware of in 2022

To wear one of these colours every day until the celebration is over is thought to be particularly remarkable.

Day 1: White

Day one's colour is white, thus because it falls on a Monday, don your best white clothing. The calm colour white has always stood for unending tranquillity. White is the fundamental Sharad Navratri colour, thus if you want to coordinate your navratri outfits with a white colour motif, you might choose to have white Tulip flowers adorn your ghagras. If you enjoy wearing saris, you may celebrate Navratri in flair by accessorising your white sari with some bling and an eccentric blouse. Put on a bralette blouse with your exquisite sari, and complete the ensemble with dangler earrings.

white navratri outfits

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Day 2: Red

The Goddess or Devi is associated with the vibrant red colour. Use red chunari or a dupatta to create your grandiose style to fit with. Red is regarded as lucky. On this particular day, add a twist to your ethnic style by dressing in Indo-western attire. Choose a red palazzo and a crop top with golden embellishments.

red navratri outfits

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Day 3: Blue

Devi Chandraghanta, who is shown with a half-moon on her forehead and stands for emotional equilibrium and keeps mortals grounded on the fundamentals, is honoured on this particular day. So use the blue Navratri colour scheme to give your clothes a light and upbeat appearance. Flowers are necessary to complete any lovely outfit. You can therefore bring in the brilliant blue orchids and use them to create a jali design background to add intricacy to your outfits to kick off the wonderful 10 days of Navratri in 2022. The colour blue is seen as lucky. A ruffle saree can give your cultural style a modern touch. For the pooja ceremony on this day, wear a blue ruffle saree with oxidised jewellery and kolhapuri shoes.

blue navratri outfits

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Day 4: Yellow

Wear a muted shade of yellow on Chaturthi, to celebrate Sharad Navaratri with excitement and zeal. The colour symbolises joy and brightness. Wear a yellow saree made of silk or georgette to get the event started in style. Wear a puff sleeved blouse that makes your yellow saree stand out and match it with a pair of bright mauve sandals.

yellow navratri outfits

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Day 5: Green

Known as the mother of Lord Kartikey or Skanda, Goddess Skandmata is worshipped on this day. Green symbolises peace and is the colour of life. You can dress in a basic green saree and a blouse with embellishments. Hate going with a glitzy look..? This is an ideal attire. Opt for a vibrant bottle green chaniya choli and revamp the plain yet elegant look.

green navratri outfits

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Day 6: Grey

On this day, Hindus worship the goddess Katyayani, who is revered as having killed the oppressive demon Mahisasura. This day's colour, grey, symbolises the power of transformation. The colour grey stands for harmony and balance. The colour grey represents intelligence and compromise.

grey navratri outfits

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Day 7: Orange

On this day, Hindus honour the goddess Kalaratri. She is the seventh incarnation of the goddess Parvati and is revered as the destroyer of all evil. However, you can pray to the goddess while donning orange and ask her to take away all the bad things from your life. For your dandiya night dress in an orange lehenga.

orange navratri outfits

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Day 8: Peacock Green

The eighth day of Navratri is addressed as Kanjak. The day is commemorated by feeding young girls who are thought to be the goddess’s avatar. The colour peacock green stands for originality and personality. Additionally, it is a colour representing kindness and vitality. Another fantastic option for people who want to keep it simple is an A-line kurti. A pair of eye-catching gold chaandbalis can finish the ensemble. A bandhani printed kurti set is always an option if you want to go for something similar!

peacock green navratri outfits

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Day 9: Pink

The celebration of Navratri ends on day nine. It is referred to as Navami. On this day, people worship the goddess Siddhidatri.Pink represents compassion, peace, and love. One of the hottest fashion trends this year is tie-dying. So how about this season's tie-dye sari in blush pink? Put it together with a matching shirt that has frilled sleeves, and finish the look with simple jewellery.

pink navratri outfits

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