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DIY Foot Stool Using Digital Printed Fabric from Symplico

20 Nov 2021 0 Comments
 Digital Printed Fabric from Symplico

The festive seasons are all about giving your home and furnishings a refreshed look. And as we all know, good quality home decors with perfectly crafted digital printed fabric coverings can give elegant vibes to your miniature spaces.

Well, sometimes acquiring new furniture can be a waste of money as well as a daunting task. But at the same time, the favorite chair of yours can be an eyesore because of its ripped or soiled covering.

Luckily, if your furniture is in excellent condition, a little fabric stapling and fitting can completely transform your old furnishing into a new one. And on that note, we are here to help you with giving your furniture a modish appearance! Let’s get into it.

Symplico's Step-by-Step Crafting Guide for DIY Foot Stool:

We are an exquisite online fabric store with on-demand fabric printing services. Where you can explore through the huge design library and can pick any of your favorite Custom Fabric print designs.

Here we present a step-by-step DIY guide for Foot Stool using Digital Printing on Fabric! It’s time to proffer a wholesome look to your movables with the touch of exemplary patterns and textures of printed fabric.

Let’s start with choosing the right fabric for the foot stool.

1.     Choose the Right Digital Printed Fabric

Explore Symplico - Online Fabric Store India, as it provides more than nineteen highest quality fabric types and thousands of exclusive print fabric Designs. Discover your kind of fabric type which is suitable for your footstool as per your design preferences.

In this particular DIY; we have used soft, luxurious, and thick Velvet Fabric type exclusively available on Symplico.

2.    Get The Tools & Supplies you need

  • Camera or notepaper and pencil Qty:1
  • Marking pen Qty:1
  • Scissors Qty:1
  • Staple gun Qty:1
  • Straight pins Qty:1
  • Sewing machine Qty:1
  • Flathead screwdriver Qty:1
  • Staples, 3/8- or 5/16-inch Qty:1
  • Upholstery fabric Qty:1
  • Chalk Qty:1
  • Upholstery-weight thread Qty:1
  • Fabric glue, optional Qty:1
  • Upholstery tacks or nail head trim, optional Qty:1

Now grab all the collected tools and items you need to start your DIY Foot Stool process.

3.   Take Proper Fabric Measurements

  • Upper Base Measurements:

First of all, begin your craft by determining the size of the DIY footstool you would like to upholster. Remove the old upholstery fabric components from the footstool as you will need to assemble the original one. Then take the measurements to figure out how much Digital Printed Fabric you will need for your footstool covering.

First, prepare the fabric piece for the upper base (sitting area) of the Footstool. Place the printed fabric piece on the sitting area. Straighten it with straight pins keeping the perfect grasp and make sure that the upper base (sitting area) of the footstool remains smooth-edged.

Digital Printed fabrics

Try to cut around that upper circular part of the printed fabric with the help of scissors. And, cut the extra fabric to give the final touch to the upper base of the fabric.

  • Circumference Measurements:

Now, once the sitting base of the footstool is ready, it's time to cover the edges of the circumference. Cover the footstool from all four sides with the help of printed fabric. Take the measurements from the sitting base to the bottom edge of the footstool (leave 4-5 inches from the bottom of the stool).

In that process you will get the all the measures of footstool including the width.  Now cut the digital printed fabric using scissors with the recorded measurement.

Cutting Of Digital Printed Fabric

Note: Leave 2 to 3 inches of the printed fabric ahead of the stapled edges of the actual measurement. This process will give you fabric to grip at the time of stapling.

4.    Stitch the Fabric

Take both the fabric pieces - the upper base printed fabric piece and the side base printed fabric piece. Draw the stitching marks with the help of chalk on both fabrics after taking the proper measurements.

Lay both the digital printed fabrics on their back side, join them together appropriately, and give it a nice circular stitch with the help of a sewing machine. Keep the stitching length on the printed fabric shorter as it will make a smoother, tighter, and secure seam.

Digital Printed Fabric

5. Dress up The Fabric on Footstool

Here comes the next step, which is to check the fitting of the footstool cover we made using digital printed fabric from Symplico.

The digital printed fabric cover is stitched properly from all the edges and now it is ready to be worn by the footstool.

Take the entire piece of stitched cover and slide it down from top to bottom of the stool (From Sitting base to the end of it). Slide down the cover and dress it up entirely from tip-to-toe. During the process, make sure that the edges of the sitting base meet the circular upper portion of the stool.

Digital Printing Textile

6.    Staple the Fabric

Well, here comes the best part - stapling!

After wrapping the upholstery digital printed fabric up and over the footstool, line up the center of the fabric means the upper base appropriately.

Also, Flip your stool upside down; pull the fabric circumference as tightly as possible before securing it with the help of staple gun.

Stappling Digital Printed Fabric

Start stapling the digital printed fabric all the way around to the Footstool with the plenty of staples while gripping the fabric firm and fasten.

7.    Give the Perfect Finishing

After the stapling process completion, it’s time to proffer the perfect finishing to your chic footstool.

All you need to evaluate is the tightness of the Digital Printed Fabric around the Footstool to make sure if it covers up all the fresh corners of the upholstery fabric. While doing that, trim off the excess fabric or strings from the downside of the footstool.

Well, turn the footstool right side up, enjoy and feel the fresh vibes of your brand new Footstool with the elegant crisp of the digitally printed fabric.

Place the Footstool in your favorite sitting corner and get indulged in its seamless look.

Digital Printed Fabrics

Final Thoughts

This DIY Footstool Craft was our simple gesture to keep your furniture in a good look and shape with a few easy steps. Well, sit back on your just-crafted Footstool and feel the enriching touch of the digitally printed fabric.

Well, use such digitally printed fabrics in carpeting, napkins & towels, window shades, as a covering for beds, tables, on other smooth surfaces, and in art.

Explore our Online Fabric store where we provide flexible Digital prints on-demand with the finest printing patterns.

Give it a like if you liked this DIY blog. Also, comment below your ideas related to fabric art and crafts. We will be right back with another useful blog. Till then stay tuned!

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