Blue Kalamkari Print Fabric

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Artist: Monika Purohit
Cotton Cotton
₹590.00 mtr ₹738.00 mtr
Rayon Rayon
₹299.00 mtr ₹450.00 mtr
Satin Linen Satin Linen
₹349.00 mtr ₹435.00 mtr
Crepe Crepe
₹349.00 mtr ₹435.00 mtr
Organza Organza
₹359.00 mtr ₹450.00 mtr

Bulk Pricing & Customisation Available

You can expect 2 to 5% shrinkage in length and width for the fabric you order.

  • Digitally printed bespoke fabrics.
  • Created by Artist, Crafted by Us, just for you.

Kalamkari Print Fabric - A Masterpiece of Indian Craftsmanship

Indulge in the timeless beauty of Kalamkari print fabric, a distinguished symbol of Indian heritage and artistry. Our premium collection offers an exquisite range of handcrafted textiles, ideal for those who appreciate traditional techniques blended with contemporary style.

Key Features:
- Authentic Handmade Artistry: Each piece of our Kalamkari fabric is meticulously hand-painted or block-printed, ensuring a unique, one-of-a-kind design.
- Natural Dyes & Vibrant Colors: We use only natural dyes, resulting in rich, earthy colors that include deep reds, lush greens, bold blues, and mustard yellows.
- Versatile Fabric Choices: Available in both luxurious silk and high-quality cotton, our Kalamkari prints provide a smooth, elegant canvas for the intricate designs.
- Ethnic & Floral Motifs: The fabric features a stunning array of floral, paisley, and traditional ethnic motifs, often depicting tales from Indian mythology and folklore.
- Ideal for Various Uses: Perfect for fashion enthusiasts and interior decorators alike, this fabric is suited for creating sarees, dresses, curtains, cushion covers, and more.

Embrace the sophistication and cultural richness of Kalamkari print fabric. Whether you're crafting a bespoke garment or adding a touch of ethnic elegance to your home decor, our fabric is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of Indian artisans. Shop now and bring a piece of India's artistic legacy into your life.


We can ship our products to almost every part in India. Shipping transit times depends on the product, design, fabric and quantity you choose.

We start crafting orders only after we receive orders from you. Each order is solely made for a particular customer. Symplico understands the demands of the customers and tries the best to deliver the order within 7 to 10 business days. However, as every order is tailor-made, sometimes the order may take a little while to get ready, and the shipping might get delayed. For any such concern, you can reach out to us at, and we will surely resolve your queries at the earliest. Any order once placed at Symplico, can not be canceled.

Return Policy:

Can I Return Or Exchange What I Ordered At Symplico?

Symplico is about crafting unique products for unique personalities.

We understand sometimes you might want to return the product for a valid reason, as it may have not met your expectations. As we manufacture on-demand as per the customer’s selection, we can not stock it back in our inventory as it is not going to be used by any other customers. So we have some conditions that need to be fulfilled by customers to place return requests.

1. The return request must be raised within 7 days from the date of delivery on mail at

2. Return request is NOT APPLICABLE on Sample Books.

3. Please mention your order number, for us to track the details.

4. In case you want us to reprint the order, please include all relevant information along with a photo of the issues (that you received) and order number to raise the RE-PRINT REQUEST over email ( ) for quicker and smoother processing. Once we confirm, please courier the order (Address is mentioned below) for us to check and update you for the same.

5. The product should be in the same condition as delivered.

6. Damaged, stained, torn products will not be acceptable.

7. If by any chance the acceptable return duration is over, feel free to contact us on our email

Once we confirm the return, you will have to ship the courier at: 4th Floor, Plot No. 361, Sachin G.I.D.C, Surat. 395230.


We recommend using a reliable courier service, to avoid any hassle.

The refund will only be initiated once we receive the order in a valid condition with your bank details over mail for us to start the refund process.

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