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Top Traditional Prints of India

12 May 2022 0 Comments
Traditional Print Of India

India is known for its cultural diversity and precious heritage. Being a diverse nation, where almost 1100 different castes exist. In such a diversified nation, it’s obvious to find varied traditional clothing and handicrafts being used by people of a different caste. The traditional clothing and design make it the most traditional nation in the world. The Indian Handloom is the most famous in the entire world due to its variety of Prints, Designs, Textiles, and Weaves.

The Indian Prints have their own identity and appearance. These Indian Prints are inspired by rural life, Floral Greenery, nature, and animal prints. All the famous Indian prints differ region-wise. The prints created by the artists convey a story or a message which makes them different from others.

The traditional prints of India aren’t new, these are being created by the regional people for a long period of time, as these are inherited from generation to generation. These prints exist for ages but they grabbed attention and popularity in the last 2 decades.   

Let’s have a glance at these beautiful traditional prints of India which are must-haves in your Indian closet

  1. Ajrakh Print

Ajrakh Print is a block-print type of textile which is dyed using natural dyes like Indigo & Madder. This print was brought to existence by the Khatris people of Kutch, Gujarat, and is recognized for its blue and red color scheme, as well as its intricate geometric and floral motifs. Its name comes from the Arabic and Persian word azarak, which means "blue." This printing is done by hand with hand-carved wooden blocks. They use several types of different blocks to give the essential quality patterning.

Ajrakh print is one of the most popular and trending prints in the present fashion scenario. Although the print takes time in printing, it is gaining popularity due to its unique appearance and trending look. If you are looking for such prints for your dress, tunics, or Kurtis, Visit which offers the range of Ajrakh Printed Fabric at the most affordable price.

Ajrakh Print Fabric

  2. Bandhani Print

Bandhani is a tie and dye type of fabric art in which the textiles are tied in a pattern, colored, and then untied to reveal various kinds of squares, dots, and other designs inspired by nature. They are often created on silks, pieces of cotton, and airy fabrics such as chiffons and georgettes. The Bandhani print looks stunning on sarees, dupattas, and salwar suits and is no longer limited to Indian clothes; Bandhani printed materials are also incredibly flexible on Indo western ensembles.

Bandhani print designs look great on Indo-Western outfits as well. They look great with dhoti trousers, palazzos, and other similar ensembles. Bandhani prints look great on anarkalis, maxi skirts, gowns, and dresses, among other things. So, use your imagination to make the most of India's exquisite art — the Bandhani! Check out the exclusive range of Bandhani Printed fabric on

Bandhni Print Fabric

 3. Patola Print

Patola prints are created by the resist-dyeing method, which employs the warp and weft technique. Abstract motifs and geometric patterns are commonly used to symbolize patolas. Elephants, human figures, Kalash, flowers, Shikhar, paan, and parrots are popular design patterns. These prints exist in the fashion industry for a long time but came recently into fashion. Buy the best patola printed fabric in your choice of fabric from and customize your unique outfit from it. You can customize Kurtis, Gown, Indo-western dresses, Kaftans, Maxi Dresses, Tunics, Skirts, and much more. Explore the range of Patola Printed fabric here

Patola Print Fabric

 4. Ikat Print

Ikat is a classic Indian print made by tying and dyeing yarn pieces before weaving the fabric. Anyone who has worn an Ikat garment knows how distinctive and popular this fabric is. Ikat is essentially a dyeing method. This is the most traditional method of dyeing textiles. Resist dyeing is a technique that is commonly used on cotton and silk fabrics. Unlike other tie and dye procedures, Ikat requires the yarns to be tied together first, then colored as many times as necessary to get the desired design.

When the final fabric is ready, it has an apparent blurriness to it; this is a prominent feature of Ikat fabric.

Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and Gujarat in India created some remarkable traditional patterns using Ikat making Indian Ikat manufacturing popular for high-end designs. Furthermore, there is a high level of modernism in Ikat print with a variety of color combinations and theme designs. As a result, this precision-rich process incorporates eco-friendly ingredients of high quality.

Symplico Prints is an Online Fabric Store where you can find a range of Fabrics. You can also get the range of Ikat prints & designs on your choice of fabric under one roof, to buy the exquisite collection of Ikat Printed Fabric click here.

Ikat Print Fabric

 5. Kalamkari Prints

The precise meaning of the name "Kalamkari" is "pen art," and this traditional print originated in Iran before spreading to Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat. Kalamkari is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated textile printing processes in India, using block printing or hand printing with organic dyes. This print is primarily influenced by themes of Indian mythology, with images from the Ramayana and Mahabharata being among the most prominent.

Kalamkari is a healing fabric because the colors, designs, and storytelling of mystical forms produce an atmosphere that cures both physically and spiritually. Kalamkari, a traditional type of hand painting done on cotton or silk fabric using a tamarind pen, uses only natural colors.

Have a glance at the range of Kalamkari printed fabric on

Kalamkari Print Fabric

These are the few Indian Prints that are always in trend and so these are must-haves in your Indian closet to give a trending appeal to your look.

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