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The Diversity in Indian Fabric Prints: Our True Cultural Heritage

23 Jul 2022 0 Comments
indian fabric print

India is a nation that carries the legacy of its rich cultural traditions through its inhabitants' hearts, be it classic art, festivals, architectural styles, or textiles, India embodies a true sense of recognition. India’s 29 states are home to a variety of Indian Fabric Prints, textile cloth manufacturing, embroidery, and weavings. And, to define the real beauty of diverse fashion in textile styles and elegance, it’s essential to take you on a tour of different states of India for their offerings of luxurious Indian Fabric Prints.

Each Indian textile of the state has to offer beautiful Indian fabrics, ranging from intricate weaves and royal patterns to a palette of vibrant & subdued shades that speak the story of its region. Our art of cultural heritage on Indian Print Fabrics involves nature-inspired depictions, designs of temples and castles, antiquities, geometric and lifestyle patterns that reflect the deep sense of endeavour done by our great artisans.

And therefore, the textile prints and fabrics of India are the centres of attraction for art admirers & fashion figures throughout the world.

Let’s walk you through the distinct diversity of textile prints in India which are solely sought-after all over the world.

1.    Bagru

These alluring Bagru Block Prints are carved in contemporary block styles with Indian textiles inspired by the roots contoured in the Bagru district of Rajasthan. These prints originated from floral or fauna art and reflect five kinds of motifs: flowers & Birdies, Jaali patterns, Trellis & Tendrils, Geometric designs, and figures of humans and animals.

Bagru Fabric

Bagru Print Fabrics Online is well-liked because of its sheer artisanship, which engages artists for over 30 years with its unique work. Its comprehensive method starts by working on the light-hued cloth and offering it the finished look through dying and block printing.

2.    Batik

Batik Print Fabrics hold the method of century-old wax dye, as it originates from various regions such as India, the Mideast, Indonesia, and Egypt. Batik Fabric Prints are the amalgamation of the Indonesian word titik (dot) and amba (to write), where its craft follows ingenious and irresistible art for its admirers.

Batik fabric

There are several techniques of Batik Printing on Fabric, and one of them involves soaking as the foremost step, then thumping, designing patterns, and at last laying wax on the overall fabric. And, for this particular procedure of Batik Print Material, a copper cap or the spouted equipment can be utilized.

3.    Bandhani

The tie & dye technique, where the Tie word in itself signifies Bandhani. The old-aged art of Bandhani Print Design originated 5000 years ago in Gujarat & Rajasthan in India. In a way, Gujarat's Khatri community in India started the depiction of Bandhani Print Fabrics. And, globally it is one of the most prominent of all. Well, it's not just a delicate art but it’s an essence of love, blended in vibrant shades which reflect the Indian heritage.

 bandhni fabric

Initially, the process starts with the tying of the fabric using waterproof thread in gorgeous designs and drawings. After that, the dyeing technique with vivid colours takes place. In this skilful art, the tied fabrics stay as it is without soaking the dye and when the Bandhani Print Fabric gets partially dry, it is left to dry outdoors.

4.    Ikat

Here we are talking about one of the most stylish fabrics with its remarkable patterns that always appear to be trendy. Ikat Print Fabrics are being made and worn all over the world with its subtle thread binding skill, whereas its precise methods of craft vary in different regions. Ikat Print Fabric is an inspiration for makers and patrons for its feathering borders as they are the richness of striking art.

ikat fabric

The ever-intriguing Indonesian Ikat Print Fabric Designs are crafted through a dyeing technique that utilizes resist dyeing on the warped and/or wept parts of the yarns to protect them from the dye. And that's how the dye splashes the yarn all over the place except the binding parts. Well, after the completion of dyeing, the artisans eliminate the binding portions and there the design emerges on the yarn which in the next step is knitted into the fabric named Ikat Print Fabric.

5.  Kalamkari

The art of Kalamkari holds the significance of its own in its name. Well-liked & block-print-inspired Kalamkari Print Design is perceived as Qalam which indicates Pen Craft where Kari means Art. The core of Kalamkari art belongs to Andhra Pradesh, mainly at Kalahasti & Machilipatnam, where both these regions represent two specific styles.

 kalamkari fabric

The design of Kalamkari art draws distinctive details by entailing traditional Indian block printing and hand printing techniques commonly on a cotton piece of cloth or fabric. Artisans use vegetable dyes with raw and natural colours to proffer a realistic look to Kalamkari Print Fabric. The Kalamkari Print Designs revolve around old-aged Hindu mythology and ancient art which was remodelled later by the great artisans because of its worldwide boosting demands.

6.    Ajrakh

They say Ajrakh Block Prints are the Soul of the Universe depicted and fabricated on a piece of cloth. Its ancient art got eminent through the small village called Dhamadka located in Kutch, Gujarat. Ajarakh Printing majorly highlights its precise characteristic of block printing that revitalizes the allure of the fabric along with the traditional patterns and lively hues.

 ajarakh fabric

The artistry of Ajrakh Print Fabrics begins with the technique of resist printing, and with that follows 16 steps of preparing the desired product. The extensive and tiring process involves various dyeing and printing stages and holds a duration of mostly 30 days. The patterns of Ajarakh Block Printing are printed through the wooden blocks with vegetable dyeing and pure mordents and colours. Well, more than six sets of blocks are utilized to design a single piece of fabric which are exceptionally imprinted by the finest artisans.


Our true sense of Indian culture and its heritage lies in proudly inheriting the practices of fabric printing techniques to keep them alive. The enormous efforts and creativity of artists in fabric printing methods have kept the old customs flourished and trendy worldwide. Well, the diversity in Indian Print Fabrics leads us toward the roots of treasured luxury which are subtly protected in the nation, which stands for respect.

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