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Canvas Fabric : A Comprehensive Guide To Its Uses And Benefits

20 Jan 2023 0 Comments
canvas fabric

Surely you would have heard the word “Canvas” while mentioning or discussing the artworks or paintings. But with that, let me emphasize the fact that it holds importance through its variety of purposes and uses.

Before getting into its texture and the cloth type. Know what Canvas Fabric is.

What is Canvas Fabric?
Canvas fabric

Canvas fabric is known for its tabby-woven material or in other words plain-woven material which is mainly framed from cotton and in lesser amounts from linen.

Fabrics made of canvas are renowned for their robust, resilient, and durable nature. Also, combining cotton with synthetic fibres can create a water-resistant canvas fabric, and such canvas material becomes an excellent fabric for the outdoors.

History of Canvas Fabric

You will get surprised by the fact that the “Canvas” word basically originates from the Latin synonym “Cannabis”. This means the canvas material was primarily stitched with hemp rather than Cotton.

During 1500 B.C., in the time of medieval India, people developed the skill of knitting cotton into a canvas. And in the meantime, with the period of the 7th Century, the market for canvas fabric & cotton plants got exchanged worldwide with extensive growth in Europe.

Moreover; throughout the centuries, canvas cloth has been crucial to many important achievements. For instance, the usage of canvas in sailcloth led to several discoveries achieved by developing nations and that also decades ago. Meanwhile, the canvas was created for artworks that represented the numerous notions of well-known painters. 

Likewise, Canvas materials were also manufactured to turn them into garments. Due to its robustness and waterproofness, it can be utilised even for footwear and backpacks.

Well, on the note of its utilities, let’s run through the uses of Canvas Fabrics.

Best Uses of Canvas Fabrics 

Canvas fabric carries versatility and long-lasting characteristic as it works well for a variety of applications. One of the usual applications or uses for canvas fabric include sails, floor carpets, artist paintings, tarps and wall-art show pieces.

Till now, you noticed the uses for the canvas fabric discussed here are for outdoor applications. Now, let’s get into additional types of uses for canvas fabric through which you can enhance your home decor as well as your personal style with the help of

Let’s check them out one by one:

1. Cushion Covers

Because of its sturdiness and durability, canvas material for cushion covers serves as the best option if you are seeking to give aesthetically pleasing comfort to your decor. Its incredibly robust nature and weather resistance allow it to make a decent comfort for outdoor decor.

Explore the variety of print designs for cushion covers ranging from traditional prints to quirky and unique designs and get them printed on canvas fabric.
buy cushion covers

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2. Table Runners

A bare tabletop without any decor or fabric style appears as a blank craft seeking the attractiveness in multiple varieties. Add a touch of style to your table decor through table runners curated with canvas fabric to protect the table surface the heat and burns or scuffs.

Their placements get extended to the centres and all the way through the ends of the table leaving the utmost space for the table mats. Explore the vivid print designs for table runners to give the table decor a theme-based style.

 table runners

3. Table Mat

Canvas material for table mats brings in the soulful look for dinner settings shielding it from the damage. Select the table mat design that reflect your decor style from Symplico Prints to offer your dinner decor the next level elegance.

 table mats

4. Tote Bag

The toughness of canvas material gives it a textured solidity which benefits for the curation of Canvas Tote Bags. This wearable, trendy and voguish accessory brings in the sense of personal styling yet compellingly helps in carrying the belongings as a reusable.

Checkout the quirky and contemporary designs available in our design library and get it printed on the Canvas Fabric to give your Tote bag a modern and trendy look.
tote bags

5. Furniture Bedding or Upholstery

The subtleness of Canvas Fabric benefits more as a furniture upholstery because of its characteristic of longevity. The robustness of this fabric gets tested to assure its resistance towards water, dirt or UV rays. Check out the easy to clean canvas fabric from Symplico Prints available in plethora of designs for furniture bedding and upholstery.
Canvas Fabric

Advantages of Canvas Fabric

 1. Durability & Low Weight

As discussed above, because of its strong texture and tightly plain-woven fibers, the canvas fabric carries lightweight and durability and forms a thick substance.

 2Water Resistant Fabric

Because of its density, canvas has the additional distinctive quality of being inherently water-resistant. An additional finished layer of coating might be used to strengthen canvas. These characteristics make canvas a well-liked outdoor fabric.

 3. Receptive to Chemical Treatments

This fabric adapts the inherent qualities enhanced by chemical treatments. All these treatments involve excessive water resistance, flame retardancy, and mildew resistance.

The Cost of Canvas Fabric

Typically, the absolutely cheapest types of natural fabric available are cotton and linen canvas. Although, based on the supplier and manufacturer, canvas costs can vary. Checkout the range of canvas fabrics available at affordable prices.


A fabric recognized for its remarkable usefulness and longevity across history is canvas. It has a decent number of potential advantages. Explore our design library and choose canvas fabric type as per your preference. Shop now your favorites from and get hold of this long-lasting and plain-woven fabric.

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